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Take the worry out of going to work for long hours or going on holiday with TOG  daycare services. We provide exceptional care for all dogs, big and small. To us they are part of the family.

Doggy Daycare

With constant supervision, care and playtimes, you can be sure your dog is in the best hands.

Relaxing in our TOG family home with plenty of rooms throughout the house.


If your dog loves to snuggle up with other pups, a human or prefers alone time, your dog is bound to find their perfect comfy spot.

You are more than welcome to visit the TOG house prior to have a mooch, of course we understand you want to know where your dog will be relaxing.

Walks are included in the daycare price:

£10 for half-day 

£17 for full-day 

🐾 Multi-dog discount for same household



The daunting search of finding somewhere trustworthy to care for your dog while you go on your holidays. 

Here at TOG we strongly believe your dog should feel like they're on holiday, just like you are.

You can completely relax knowing your precious pooch is having the time of their lives with TOG, relaxing in our cosy family home, playing with the other dogs in our care or if they fancy a bit of alone time, they have access to just that.

All walks, feeds, playtimes and the best care around the clock is included in the boarding price. We even include updates on your dog's shenanigans during their stay with us. We will send you photos, videos and daily updates on what they've been up to.

Boarding prices are:

£20 for 24 hours

🐾 Multi-dog discount for same household

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