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It is 8:45am, the kids aren't even dressed for school, the dog needs their morning walk, you're already running late for work. Now you're stressed. 

Here at TOG, we offer an early morning walking service, tailored to suit your individual needs, aimed at relieving some stress from the school runs and morning commutes. 


Extra discount available for bulk booking.

OAP (Old Age Pooch) walk around the block 15 minute: £5

Early morning walking service: Prices based on 50p per minute.

Standard walk prices:

45 minute walk:

Pick up - 9:30-10am

1 Dog: 1 walk a week:   £10

           2 walks a week: £18

           3 walks a week: £23

           4 walks a week: £28

           5 walks a week: £33

25% off 2nd dog.

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