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Jen is our in house Dog Groomer, specialising in nervous dogs. Spending extra time with each dog makes all the difference. 

The dogs wellbeing is paramount and we want your pup to have the most relaxing and beneficial experience possible.

All grooms include:

🐾 A consultation for each dog who visits us at TOG for a groom will have a full check over. The owner will be asked to fill out a form letting us know of skin sensitivities, special requests or any ailments.

The dogs coat will be checked for condition, matting and any parasites that may be lurking under the fur. 

Of course the owner will have a specific groom in mind and we will always try to meet their expectations. On some occasions, this may not be possible due to the coat type/condition.

🐾 We stock only the best shampoos and conditioners specifically created for individual skin and coat types. Bathing before grooming is a must, this gives us a closer look at the dogs skin type whilst cleaning the dog from snout to tail. We also express anal glands if requested by the owner. Your pup will receive a luxurious massage and face scrub during the bathing process.

🐾 In our experience, we understand some dogs dislike the blow out process, not all dogs feel this way as each dog is different. We always start at the back end of the pup with the dryer on the lowest setting and this will show any signs if the dog will be happy to continue or any anxiety. We have many drying methods to suit all dogs.

🐾 Now for the brushing out, locating any matting would have been done during the initial consultation, but sometimes matting can be hiding behind ears or in the paws for example, this can be removed without affecting the groom but if it is heavy, this may result in it having to be clipped out. Your dog will be brushed thoroughly and gone through with a comb to ensure the coat is perfect for clipping. Now for the styling, from same length all over to breed clips.

For a groom a little out of the ordinary, feel free to bring in a picture for Jen to work off. We also do Asian Fusion. 

🐾 Nails will be clipped with every visit. Ear cleaning is a very important step which will never be missed. Using vet approved ear cleaning solution, you can ensure your dog will have clean ears after every visit with us.

🐾 Your pup will be finished with a spritz of doggy cologne for that fresh groomed smell. Voila! Your pup is preened and ready to have a run about and wait to show off their new do to their pet parent.

🐾 All grooms are priced individually, depending on size of the dog, breed, temperament, condition and requested groom.

🐾Please get in touch via our contact page for all grooming enquiries. 

Alternatively, you can book through WhatsApp 07311 407 141.

🐾 Nail clipping starts at just £10

🐾 Anal gland expression £15

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