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Reviews can be an important way of finding your perfect Dog Groomer. 

As Jen's Dog Grooming career grew in Melbourne, Australia, she solidified loyal customers who adored her.

As you can see, she will be missed down under, but is bringing her love for pooches and exceptional dog grooming skills to her hometown of Morecambe.

Jenna was a godsend to me & my little man Coco.♥️

He had been traumatised by a previous groomer & Jenna was so kind & patient with Coco. She never rushed him, she went at his pace, allowing him to calm down when he was getting anxious. Jenna Always did a fabulous job grooming him. We would get stopped on the street during our walks to find out who his groomer was. Jenna would also walk Coco with her hubby Mitchell, when I had a long day away from him & they would take him to cafes, which he loved. He wanted to dislike Jenna but he truly did love her & she became a dear friend to us. Highly recommend Jenna & Mitchell for all your doggy needs. Your dogs will be pampered & loved 🐶🐾♥️


Dorothy & Eric Dickman


Jenna has  groomed my dogs for 2 years. I am truly devastated that she has left Australia! I was given Jenna's number when I was all out of options and had gone to several groomers who could not handle Marlee. She is a rescue dog with many issues,  she is a very reactive, nervous aggressive little dog. Jenna has a soothing calming manner and not only managed to groom her but groom her beautifully. She is kind, loving and patient with both my dogs and her love for animals is evident in the sweetness and respect she shows the dogs. She managed to let them know who is boss in her calm and soothing manner. We are missing her already and wish Jenna the best of luck in all her endeavours in her home country. There are about to be some pups that are going to get very lucky!!  


Shelley Edelstein

Jen has looked after my border collie since he was a puppy and I can't recommend her enough! She and has been instrumental in his upbringing, helping his behavioural training from toilet training to his first puppy wash and blowdry! Like all border collies he needs a lot of attention and exercise and was overloaded with love and play time with Jen. I loved all the updates and photos that I received throughout the day and felt completely comfortable knowing that he was safe and happy with her. The best review I received was from him  when he pulled with eagerness to meet Jen at the door as soon as he realised where we were says it all!

Georgina Chin


12 year old Westie, Lulu has been to many groomers in her doggy life but once we found Jen she never went anywhere else. Previously when going to groomers she would be get extremely stressed for days afterwards, so much so that we stopped taking her to the groomers all together. Jen came to us to groom Lulu at home and is firm but extremely patient and would take hours when necessary to slowly groom her and keep her calm. Lulu would greet Jen happily and would get sooooo many comments in the park on her gorgeous Westie cut!

Fiona Chin

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